This course will show DJs what it takes to grow and stand out in an ever crowded space. 


Course Outline:


Once you have learned to DJ the question often arises - “well what next?” - it is this question that this unique course answers. We look at branding, promoting yourself as an artist, organically growing your social media audience, effective time management, utilising various platforms to get yourself noticed, help with getting consistent bookings, and pushing your DJ career forward every step of the way. and unique ways to further progress your career in the electronic music industry.


While we live in these very different times with Covid 19 we are not playing out as much as we do normally, but this is the time that we should be focusing on getting all those things done we never had time to do before, creating a website, writing our bio, learning music production, growing your social media etc etc.


The skills required to be a successful DJ now include time management whilst you work a 9-5 to pay the bills, networking day and night to build up your fanbase, producing at every free moment in the studio to make that ‘one big track’ to help you step up to the next level, manager of your multiple social media pages, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Spotify...the list goes on....Does this all sound familiar?


With over 30 years of experience as an award-winning DJ both in the UK and Ibiza I have devised this course to fill in the gaps the ‘other’ courses miss out. We look at being more efficient, more effective, and most importantly keeping your mental health in check during the process.


The course is an online platform, and until the end of 2020 I am discounting the cost of entry to just £45 one off payment, this will then increase to £195 in the new year, so join now - included in the price is a 30-minute introduction coaching call with myself, lifetime access to all course modules (which are updated when needed) to complete at your leisure, unique weekly content on an exclusive Facebook group page and weekly catch-up group call on Zoom to make sure you are on target to hit your goals, as well as an opportunity to ask any questions.


Get Motivated, Get Organised, Get Noticed join today.