In this eBook, I will show you which social media platforms you should be using to get noticed. As well as how to grow a highly engaged and strong community around you. 


You will learn and understand:


👊🏼Content strategy tips and advice

👊🏼Which content to post on each platform.

👊🏼How the Instagram algorithm works

👊🏼Which social media platforms are the best for DJs 

👊🏼Time management skills

👊🏼Goal setting tips and advice

👊🏼Music management using Rekordbox smart playlists and iTunes


Plus so much more to help you grow your tribe online and in person.


🙌 CONGRATULATIONS and Thank you for purchasing this eBook. 


👍🏼 This is the start of an amazing journey to growing your tribe and getting more eyes on your talents 😜  this will lead to more bookings / virtually or in real life (imagine that) more money and more respect from your peers. 


Plus you will be constantly challenging yourself to bigger and better things.


Work through the eBook at your own pace, don’t rush it. 


🗒 Take loads of notes as you go, because I bet you there is a ton of stuff in here that you will want to start doing. 


📹 There is a mixture of videos to watch and text to read, all the videos will take you to YouTube, where all the private videos are stored. 


That’s enough from me for now,  it’s over to you, go and be even more amazing than you are already.


Before I leave you to go and be amazing, could you please take some time to leave a review, when you finish the course, or even halfway through if you're really enjoying it,  it would mean a lot to me 😜 Enjoy 



A DJ's Guide To Growing Your Tribe eBook